“Stake Your Ground” graphic thanks to Janae Werner of Rhema & Logos Whispers

Dear Indiana Delegates,

This is the time for patriots and heroes like you to stake your ground to defend the principles for which we contend: limited government, the rule of law, the second amendment, religious freedom, and the protection of the marginalized and unborn. Your voices in the 2020 elections are vital in determining the trajectory of not only Indiana’s future but the future of the United States. Use your voice and your vote to re-elect Curtis Hill, my husband of twenty-seven years, as Indiana’s Attorney General.

Curtis and I met while attending Indiana University in my hometown of Bloomington. His zest for life and genuine affection for others helped to form fast friendships with students and faculty from around the world. Because of Curtis’s high expectations of himself, he has the ability to bring out the strengths of those around him as well. He instills confidence in others. Billy Graham once affirmed, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” I have often witnessed how others have been emboldened to take a stand for truth with the encouragement and mentorship of our attorney general. Be strong and courageous, delegates. Pray, then vote your conscience.

When Curtis first took me home to meet his family, he was greeted by the squeaky peals of his young nephew and niece, “Uncle June! Uncle June!” He is Curtis Hill, Jr., so the family assigned him this appellation. They each grabbed a leg, and he effortlessly walked them around the room. Your can tell a great deal about people by their interaction with children, and my fondness for “Uncle June” grew that day.

After graduating law school, Curtis chose to return to his hometown of Elkhart instead of opening a practice in a more cosmopolitan city where several of his friends had landed. He began his private practice while also serving as a deputy prosecutor, and soon garnered a tough reputation, standing up to the most hardened criminals.

Realizing the inefficiency of a part-time prosecutor and part-time deputies scattered around the county, he ran for the office promising sole dedication to the office. This meant giving up his lucrative private practice just as our fifth child was born. He told me, ” I can make a lot of money handling divorces where spouses fight more for their dog than for their children, but I can make a difference fighting against criminal activity.” As prosecutor, he consolidated all offices under one roof of a nearly empty structure. This move revitalized downtown and encouraged other businesses to make their offices there as well.

In 2006, “Papa” (as he is called by our family) and I were invited to dinner to discuss his running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. We were enticed by being in the heart of politics in D. C., shopping, receptions, and balls. Even if we all moved together, he knew he would rarely see our children. He declined and later coached his son’s football team and performed in community theater with the family. He also attended science fairs, field trips, and innumerable piano and violin recitals. He even danced on tiptoe with his daughters at ballet practice. Our adult children still ask him to read  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve, carrying on the tradition he started when they were toddlers. Timing is everything.

Because of Curtis’s bold leadership and state & national affiliations made as a prosecutor, he ran for Indiana Attorney General. This meant a further salary reduction with five kids in college. He set an example for our children to look at the bigger picture and their role in serving their communities before themselves. This also instilled a strong work ethic in our children as they had to succeed academically to acquire scholarships and work to pay part of their college expenses.

In Curtis’s term as Indiana’s Attorney General, he has faced a barrage of slinging arrows with idefatigable courage and tenacity. This means our family…our children…has faced them as well -and with the same freedom from fear. If you have unanswered questions regarding his term as your attorney general, speak with him. He delights in constructive dialogue. Please do not make presumptions without being truly informed.

Curtis and I are both strong, independent individuals. This makes for an interesting marriage. But this indomitable man is the sentimental one – the one who remembers all his elementary teachers’ names, all special occasions, and immortalizes them in video and photos. He baked me a chocolate cake for my birthday our first year together, and it was even edible. Ours is not the romance of fairy tales, however. Neither of our upbringings modeled fantasy. Our love is steadfast and transformed by Christ as the center. We truly complete each other.

The Indiana Republicans are the “party of purpose,” and Curtis and I have come to realize that it is through faith we all find our purpose. Curtis has declared that fear is the enemy of freedom, and we are united as a couple to courageously stand together for our family and yours.

Recently other candidates have begun negatively campaigning against your attorney general, Curtis Hill. Some say that he has been “wounded,” but how can he be wounded by those fiery darts with his shield of faith as his protection? They cite unscientific polls against him but ignore Trump’s erroneous polls prior to his election. Are polls really a reflection of the pulse of the people?

Curtis has never denigrated an opponent while campaigning as prosecutor or attorney general. He listens to the concerns of constituents, knowing none of us knows as much as all of us. He is gifted with the foresight of common sense and action. Our Hoosier unofficial motto, “Get ‘er done!” has never more aptly applied to an officeholder.

 If you are like me, the term “unprecedented times” has gotten on your last nerve, but unfortunately the surreality is real. Curtis has the experience, national, and international relationships as well as inexhaustible spirit to defend the Hoosiers whom he ardently adores.

Do you know that daily when he wakes, he searches scripture for wisdom and guidance as our attorney general? In the afternoon, I see him eyes closed listening…listening for God in the rare quiet moments of his day to make his path plain to fulfill his purpose. At night he falls asleep to scripture on leadership on podcasts. He is not alone in serving you.

Our state and country need reconciliation of families, parties, and races. As your attorney general, Curtis Hill’s purpose in serving you and our beloved state of Indiana will be of eternal value and of great importance to our nation as well. He was born for such a time as this.

Stake your ground, delegates. The flag of our forefathers is firmly planted with the sword of our collective faith. Be defenders of the freedoms we hold dear. Please elect Curtis Hill as Indiana’s Attorney General.