Indianapolis, IN — The Democratic Attorney General Association (DAGA) recently announced that they would only financially support and endorse candidates who support pro-choice policies. In order to gain this financial and political assistance, a candidate will be required to make a public statement declaring their support of abortion rights.

“It is no surprise that the Democratic Attorneys General Association intends to only support and provide resources to candidates that fully embrace their policies of abortion on demand without restriction,” said Rob Burgess, Campaign Manager for Curtis Hill for Indiana. “All Hoosiers need to be on the lookout for this ultra liberal organization to recruit an Indiana Democrat that will adhere and march in lockstep with their policies rather than the beliefs and values of those who call the Hoosier State home.”

DAGA is the first national party committee to place such a litmus test on candidates according to The New York Times. In contrast, Attorney General Curtis Hill is proudly pro-life and fighting to defend life at every stage, starting with the most vulnerable. Recently, the Attorney General worked to return the fetal remains of nearly 2,500 unborn children to Indiana. They were located within the home and vehicles of the abortionist who conducted the procedures. At this time, those fetal remains are being securely stored until they can be laid to rest in a humane and respectful manner as legally required by a 2016 law that overwhelming passed the Indiana General Assembly.



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